Natures Serenus spa parties is dedicated to serve every client and make them feel special on any given day.We believe that every life moment is a legacy and should be cherished.You supply the dream and we’ll supply the style and magic to help you make your relaxation day happen. Fun, luxurious, professional, knowledgable, friendly, sparkling clean and care are the hallmarks of Natures Serenus.

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Interactive Spa Party


-Welcome table.

-One item from Treats menu.


-Pamper bag for each guest.

-Interactive table for services.

-Make up application

-Glitter and color hair do.

-Robes, and headbands.

-Party coordination


- Spa music

-Set up and clean up

Price for 6 clients

$45 for additional guest

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Basic spa party



-One choice of service:

Manicure/pedicure, facial, or massage.

-Pamper bags for all guest.

Price for 6 clients

$60 for additional


Body Massage
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Ultimate spa party


-Welcome Table with decor

-Backdrop decor



-Appetizer/ catering

-Deluxe Pamper bag for each guest

-One spa service: Facial, 

30 minute massages, mani/pedi.

-Robes and headbands

-Party coordination

-Arts and crafts activity

-Spa music

-Set up and clean up

$115 for additional

Price for 6 clients.

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Beverages add-on

Cups included

Serves 12

-Lemonade.             $40

-lavender lemonade $60 

-Sangria.                   $50

-Mimosa.                  $50

-Fruit punch.            $30

-Sodas.                     $30

-Chai tea bar.           $80 (6)

-Chai tea Flight.       $30pp

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Arts and craft

-Paint & sip.              $35pp 

-Slime bar                  $50 (6)

-Hand scrub bar        $80 (6)

-Cookie decorating  $45 (6)

Terrarium.                  $80 (6)

- Clay sculpting.        $90(6)

-Water globes           $90(6)

-Sand art.                  $50(6)

-Lip gloss.                 $50 (6)

-Tye die shirts.          $50 (6)


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Party add- ons

Face painting : $70 hr 

Happy birthday neon sign: $45

Party Favor box: $20

Divas makeup: $60 (6)

Hair dye strips: $40 (6)

Birthday tiara and sash: $25

Glitter tattoos: $30 (6)

Blue Face Paint
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Slumber spa party




-Tepee decor.

-Tepee lights.

-Mattress with sheets.

-Decorative pillows.

-Slumber gift for all guest.

-Set up and clean up.


Price for 6 clients

$90 for additional


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Pamper me spa party


-Welcome Table.

-One item from treats menu


-Pamper bag for each guest

-One spa service: Facial, 

30 minute massages, mani/pedi.

-Robes and headbands

-Party coordination


-Spa music

-Set up and clean up

Price for 6 clients.

$50 for additional

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Paint and sip party



Painting table

Canvas and stands


Paint mats

Trays,paint, and brushes

Party favors

Set up/ clean up

Beverage or treat

Backdrop and welcome table

For 6

$45 for additional guest

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Treats add-on


-Donut wall.             $45

-Fruit tart.                 $20 

-Chocolate covered

Fruits.                       $50

-Chocolate covered

oreos, rice crisps, or

marshmallow           $60

-Spa sugar cookies $60

-Magnum popsicles $45 (6)

-Candy bar.               $60

(Skittles, popcorn, jolly ranchers, 

gumballs, lollipops, gummy bears,

gummy worms, mike and ike,

milk duds, snickers, twix, whoppers, 

Spa party cheeseball, woman's face, mask, cucumbers 4 .jpg
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Appetizer add-on

Plates & utensils included

Serves 12

-Meatballs.                     $25

-Mini sandwiches.          $35

-Spa face chicken

salad                               $35

-Chicken salad

croissants                       $45

-Antipasto Skewers.      $45

-Pigs in a blanket.         $30

-Chicken wings.            $45

-Cheese platter             $35

-Fruit platter.                $40

-Pizza.                            $28 

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