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In Natures Serenus at the studio we provide a replenishing, invigorating and high quality experience. Our techniques  and expertise allows your goals to be meet. Wether it is a skin care, body treatment, or a party. We are here to empower, cater, and provide a unique private experience to every individual that meets with us.

We  invite you in to enjoy our signature spa services such as the Natures Serenus Signature Facial. Our Signature pedicures and high result body treatments. Upon arrival, a variety of warm and relaxing teas, wines, Nature's mimosa and infused water are available to help you slip into a state of complete relaxation. We can't wait for you to experience the Natures Serenus way.

Ask us about our party services.

Ayeisha Diaz

Owner/Full Specialist


Natures Serenus parties is dedicated to serve every client and make them feel special on any given day.We believe that every life moment is a legacy and should be cherished.You supply the dream and we’ll supply the style and magic to help you make your relaxation day happen. Fun, luxurious, professional, knowledgable, friendly, sparkling clean and care are the hallmarks of Natures Serenus. We offer spa parties, Paint parties, slumber parties, birthday decorations, sweets, catering, face painting, entertainment and more.

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